2016 Program

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Film location: All events except for Gala Night featuring The Thin Yellow Line will be screened at the Riverside City College Digital Library Auditorium, 4800 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, California 92506.

All events are FREE, unless otherwise noted. Tickets available at the door at the RCC Digital Library Auditorium or online at Brown Paper Tickets.

Gala Night, Friday, Oct. 28 / Viernes 28 de Octubre

Fox Performing Arts Center, 3801 Mission Inn Ave.


icult pelicula La delgada linea amarilla premiada en MOSTRA DE CINEMA LLATINOAMERICA DE CATALUNYA

The Thin Yellow Line / La Delgada Linea Amarilla

6:45 pm – VIP Gala
8:00 pm –  Gala Film The Thin Yellow Line/La Delgada Linea Amarilla

Ariel Nominee 2016, Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography
Mexico / 2015 / 95 min.
Director: Celso García
The Yellow Thin Line is the journey of five men who are hired to paint the median line of a road that connects two villages in Mexico.  Required to paint more than 200 kilometers with outdated equipment in the sweltering heat of the sun in less than fifteen days, they do the job. In painting the yellow thin line, the men realize that there is a thin line that exists between right and wrong, laughter and crying; between giving up and persevering, and life and death. They acknowledge that life is always changing, and the only thing to do is keep moving forward.

Saturday, October 29 / Sábado 29 de Octubre

Riverside City College, Digital Library Auditorium


The Man Who Saw Too Much / El Hombre Que Vio Demasiado

3:30 pm – The Man Who Saw Too Much / El Hombre Que Vio Demasiado

*Ariel Winner 2016, Best Feature Length Documentary & Best Score
Mexico / 2015 / 88 min.
Director: Trisha Ziff
Tickets $5 General, $3 Seniors, Free for Students with ID

An incredible and compelling portrait of Enrique Metinides, one of the most renowned and notorious photojournalists, who spent his life documenting death in Mexico City. Metinides was obsessed with photographing crime and accident scenes, and discovered that the fate of others was his way of connecting to life.  This film, not only offers fascinating historical insight into Mexico City and it’s tabloid culture; it also poses important political and ethical questions about our responses to death.




I Promise You Anarchy/Te Prometo Anarquía

7:00 pm – I Promise You Anarchy/Te Prometo Anarquía

*Ariel Nominee 2016, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Guerrero Award at Morelia International Film Festival 2015
Mexico / 2015 / 88 min.
Director: Julio Hernández Cordón
Tickets $5 General, $3 Seniors, Free for Students with ID
A lovely, and heartfelt exploration of love and friendship between two  young long-time friends, Miguel (Diego Calva Hernandez), and Johnny (Eduardo Eliseo Martinez), who spend their time skating in the streets of Mexico City while facing obstacles. After things turn bad, Miguel’s mother decides to take him out of the country, far from Johnny, where he will face a new destination. Beautifully shot scenes of Mexico City seen through the culture of skateboarding give the city a whole new perspective revealing multiple realities.


Sunday Oct. 30/ Domingo, 30 de Octubre

Venue:  Riverside City College, Digital Library Auditorium

 3:00 pm – Mini Cinema Culturas, Life in Motion, A Tribute to Tomás Rivera

Screening of film created by students in film workshops offered by Cinema Culturas: “Imagination Part II, Reading, Writing, and Filming”, reflecting the life and legacy of Tomás Rivera.  Followed by screening of student film competition award winner.

A portrait of Tomas Rivera, undated.

Tomás Rivera: A Tribute

4:15 pmTomás Rivera: A Tribute

Written and Performed by Carlos E. Cortés
Professor Emeritus of History
University of California, Riverside
From 1979 through 1984, acclaimed poet-novelist Tomas Rivera served as Chancellor of the University of California, Riverside.  As the first minority Chancellor in the history of the University of California system, Rivera became a national figure in higher education.  In this performance tribute to Rivera, Carlos Cortés relates Rivera’s dramatic and inspiring story, while interweaving selections from Rivera’s writings and speeches as well as recollections of those who knew and admired him.

1:30 pm – If It Runs Or Flies, It Ends At The Pot/Si Corre O Vuela A La Cazuela

Mexico / 2015 / 75 min.
Director: Rogelio Calderon Jimenez, Salomon Morales
Tickets $5 General, $3 Seniors, Free for Students with ID

A look at nature’s edible bounty, the gastronomic wealth of the people Hnahnu through the coexistence with the Cruz Ramirez family. We visit along with them the Mezquital Valley collecting the scarce local flora and fauna as a method of survival. The whole family is involved to create a unique and extraordinary cuisine which respects nature, inherited from pre-Hispanic times.



The Beginning Of Time/El Comienzo Del Tiempo

5:30 pm –  The Beginning Of Time/El Comienzo Del Tiempo

*Winner, Best Latin American Film, Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2015; Best Picture, Beijing International Film Festival 2015
Mexico / 2014 / 110 min.
Director: Bernardo Arellano
Drama / Family
Tickets $5 General, $3 Seniors, Free for Students with ID
Antonio and Bertha are an elderly couple in their nineties who find themselves in deep trouble when pensions are suspended due to a social and financial crisis in their country. Confronted with the need to survive on their own, the couple face the hard reality of selling their belongings and peddling tamales on the street or turning to crime. Their lives change when, unexpectedly, their son Jonas, and grandson, Paco, reappear in their lives after more than ten years.